Play Part Director
Romeo and Juliet Nurse Thomas Everchild
The Trial Chorus 4 Dominic Cannon
Can't Stand Up For Falling Down Lynette L and G Prods
Kennedy's Children Wanda Pinewood Theatre
Bent Chorus University of Middlesex
The Private Ear Doreen Whichchurch Hall
Old Times Anna Tour
A Matter of Etiquette Rosanne Kowalski L and G Prods
Mixed Doubles Various roles David Tudor
On The Verge Alex Tour
Wolf and West Virginia Wolf David Tudor
Lucky Sods Annie David Tudor
Easter Elenonra L and G Prods
Phaedra Oenone David Tudor
Pride and Prejudice Walthamstaw Hall
Performed in Arundel festival, London, Reading,
Brighton, various venues in Berkshire and Kent.